Wagashi with tea ceremony of November


November is the border between autumn and winter in Japan.

The Tori-no-Ichi is held on the day of the rooster in November to buy lucky charms such as rakes and beckoning cats for good luck and business prosperity.

Tori-no-Ichi is a traditional annual event in November held on the day of the rooster in the Chinese zodiac calendar, and the day of the rooster comes around every 12 days, so in some years there are three Tori-no-Ichi fairs in November.

Wagashi of November

This month we decided to have the “confectioner Seikan-in”.

Seasonal Products: Chestnuts from Rakuzan “Rakuzan no Kuri”

It looks and tastes just like chestnuts themselves!

The texture and subtle sweetness of the chestnuts are faithfully reproduced in these sweets.

Regular product: “Miyabi-guruma”


An elegant wagashi with the design of the wheels of a court carriage on the top surface.

It is said to be made of fine koshi-an (sweet red bean paste), egg yolk, chestnut and azuki bean paste with a mild texture, and it was a delicious pastry with a wonderful western flavor.

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