Wagashi with tea ceremony of October


October is a month of enjoying moon-viewing called Otsukimi in Japanese.

At this time of the year, there are many delicious foods available, such as rice and other grains, fruits, nuts, and mushrooms. Every year on October 17th, a festival called the Kanamesai Festival is held at Ise Shrine to give thanks for a good harvest and the blessings of nature. It is a festival to dedicate the first ears of rice plant harvested in the year, called “Hatsuho”, to Amaterasu, and to thank her.

Wagashi with tea ceremony of October

I ordered sweets made from chestnuts and persimmons, two of the most popular autumn flavors.

This is a wagashi from Ryoheido in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, which is also dedicated to the Ise Shrine.

Kuri Kinton

Kri Kinton is a Japanese sweet which is mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts.

Every year in September and October, the chestnuts are freshly harvested and the craftsmen make them by hand, steaming more than 500 kg of chestnuts a day.

This is a Japanese confectionery that is simple to make, but the taste of the chestnuts and the skill of the craftsman stand out.


The moist, crunchy texture and gentle sweetness go perfectly with the bitterness of the tea.

■How to cook Kuri Kinton■

① Steam rinsed chestnuts in a steamer.

② Split chestnuts in half and remove the fruit.

③ Put the chestnuts and ice sugar into the kiln, and cook them by mixing them over the fire.

④ Take off the heat and divide the chestnut dough into small portions of the same weight and shape with a cloth.

Kuri Hukugaki

A sumptuous dish of dried persimmons from Ichida, Nagano Prefecture, with chestnut kintoons inside!

It also won the Japan Gift Award in 2019.

It is a gorgeious Japanese confectionery that is delicious with just Ichidakaki persimmons or chestnut kintoons, but with just one bite, you can fully enjoy the taste of autumn.

The texture of the dried persimmon and its rich sweetness are perfect for green tea.

Store information

Enaguri Kobo Ryoheido

840 Nakano, Nagashima-cho, Ena City, Gifu Prefecture

The official site is below.