Three-colored Dango from “Mebuki-ya”, Iwate prefecture.



Three-colored Dango (sweet rice dumpling) from, Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture.

The three-colored Dango is small, but if you think it is just a soft Dango, you are wrong!

The dough, made from Japanese rice flour milled in-house, has a firm texture, so the Dango has the perfect elasticity, not too hard and not too soft, and they even have a luster!

Here’s what the Dango looks like.↓

Yellow (carrot Dango):sesame sweet bean paste

White:walnut miso with sweet bean paste

Green (mugwort Dango):mashed bean paste


The sesame bean paste and walnut miso bean paste are as rich in flavor as the dumplings themselves, and the aroma of the mugwort Dango refreshingly passes through our nose.

I often enjoy Japanese sweets in my profession and tea ceremonies, but it’s hard to find Dangos that are not sticky or squishy but have the elasticity to push back.

The second one, walnut miso bean paste, is especially delicious, with a perfect combination of sweetness and saltiness.

The company that makes this three-colored Dango, Mabukiya (Iwate Abe Flour Milling Co., Ltd.), was the first company in the world to develop frozen wagashi.

To sell wagashi overseas, they have developed frozen wagashi without food additives so that customers can enjoy the soft texture after defrosting.

These three-colored Dangos are also sold frozen, so we can defrost them naturally at room temperature, and they will be ready to eat in about two hours.

We can also order it, so please give it a try.

Store Information: “Mebuki-ya”

3-85-1, Yoshichi, Ishidoriya-Cho, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate 028-3101


Recommendation points from the secretary’s perspective
– Affordable price and long shelf life with frozen storage.
– It comes in a neat box, so it can be used as a small souvenir.
– The size is small, so it won’t get in the way when you take it home.
– Only here can you find this texture and this taste!