Secretary’s recommendation! “Dorayaki” from “Kameju” in Asakusa


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Have you ever heard a Japanese snack called “Dorayaki”?

Dorayaki is a Japanese red bean pancake. Also, it is famous for what Doraemon (Japanese manga character) loves.


This time, we would like to introduce one of the three major dorayaki shops in Tokyo.

It is “Kameju” in Asakusa.

The shop is located on the main street in front of the Asakusa Kaminari-mon gate and is famous for being a must-attend souvenir of Asakusa.

Because each Kameju’s dorayaki is handmade by a craftsman, it is limited to 3,000 pieces a day, and is characterized by its uneven baking and fluffy pancake-like crust.

The soft, artisanal wrapper is wrapped around an elegant bean paste.

This is a different kind of Dorayaki from the voluminous “Usagiya” in Ueno.

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I’ve gotten the smashed sweet red beans paste one before, but this time I found the sweet white beans paste one at the store!

The white bean paste is said to be made from Tebo-bean, which is creamy and gentle in texture.

Personally, we recommend the “white bean paste”.

At 360 yen per dorayaki, it’s a bit expensive for a dorayaki, and there are a lot of people waiting in line, so it’s hard to get one, but it is a must-try souvenir!

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Store information

Asakusa “Kameju”

2-18-11 Kaminarimon, Taito-ku, Tokyo, Japan 111-0034

TEL : +81 3 3841 2210
Opening : 10:00~20:30
Closed : No regular holidays

  • Expiry date : 3 days from production date.
  • Sales period: Year-round, but limited to 3,000 per day because of handmade.
  • How to buy: Store sales only, rarely seen in department store events


☆Recommendation points from the secretary’s perspective☆
long-established product, suitable for men and women of all ages, small and not too bulky, high scarcity, and boxed.