The First Kimono


My grandmother was a kimono shop owner, so I had a lot of opportunities to touch kimonos, but when I was a child, I didn’t really enjoy it because it was so tight and difficult to decide what I should wear.

But the older I get, the more I think, “Kimonos could be great!

And in college, I had more opportunities to learn about Japanese culture, including tea ceremony, flower arranging, and aristocracy.

I joined a kimono club and started wearing a kimono on my days off.

We would like to introduce the kimono to you so that you can enjoy Japanese culture close to your heart.

My First Kimono


I have started to buy my kimonos since I graduated from university.

My first bonus should be something special!

And I decided to have it made to order.


This was a disaster! LOL!


Failure point

①There is something uneasy between the pattern on the shoulders and collar.

→Although the shopkeeper showed me a piece of fabric in the form of a kimono and asked me “Do you prefer the quiet or the luxurious collar?”…

My mistake. Lack of experience^^;


②The patterns are too luxurious and it’s hard to find fit obi and accessories (obiage and obi-jime) that fit.

→It’s really hard…

Although I bought an obi as well, after consulting with the shop for a tailored look,,,

The whole thing is too gorgeous even though it’s a small print (for everyday wear and going out).


Still, for the first time in my life, I had a special item make with my own money I made.

The colors and patterns are so gorgeous and my favorite that I want to keep them on display!

I had it tailored to my size, so it’s a perfect size^^

It was my first kimono that taught me a lesson that whether it’s something that looks good on us or is easy to use is another thing…