Seasons and Patterns to be aware of when wearing a kimono


There are various patterns, and the kimonos are fun to look at^^
It could be traditional patterns, modern geometric patterns, or the flowers and animals of the season, as well as the plants and animals of the four seasons, are all available in Japan, or Hinamaturi and Gion festival, etc. There are really countless patterns of kimonos.

When we wear a kimono, a good thing to pay attention to is the pattern and seasonality.

・Basically, in the case of motifs is animals and plants in the natural world, ‘ahead of the season!’ is a cardinal rule.

In case of flower patterns, depending on the weather and climate at the time, it’s best to wear it when it’s likely to bloom a month or two down the road^^

For example, the best time to wear a kimono with a cherry blossom motif is in March and April. If the weather continues sunny and the year is warm, it is good to be worn in late February, but if the cherry blossoms start to bloom, it’s a little late.

After all, it can’t compare to the beauty of real cherry blossoms!
When the cherry blossoms start to bloom, shall we give up standing out more than the cherry blossoms lol.

・If a motif is a seasonal event, it is ok to wear it ahead of time plus up to the day of the event.

Lately, we’ve been seeing some cute Christmas patterns in the winter.
A kimono for a Christmas party would be wonderful^^

・Patterns that are not seasonal (geometric patterns and those that are available all year round) and patterns that have flowers of all seasons are OK for the whole year.

→We can wear it at any time, so it might be the perfect for first kimono.

The Japanese have always had a sense of harmony with seasons.^^